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Flexfit is an unparalleled strength and conditioning program utilizing FlexLine Fitness’s patented “on the fly technology” – it’s the perfect weight at any moment.

Flexfit Dynamic Group Training classes utilize traditional muscle building programming paired with fat-burning high intensity interval training to rapidly activate lean muscle mass, for a calorie burning, sweat dripping session – it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Choose between ‘FlexFit Strength’ for a muscle specific metabolic building class focused on either Upper or Lower Body; Round Shoulders, Chiseled Triceps, Bulging Biceps, Defined Core, Long Lean Legs, and an Ass that stops traffic – Or ‘FlexFit Sweat’ for your calorie burning, plyometric, metabolic conditioning session.

Classes are intimately limited to just 4 people and taught by certified trainers for a truly personalized experience – with FlexLine Fitnesses on the fly technology you won’t waste any time changing weights or looking for a free machine, everything is available at the push of a button.

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We are the only gym in AZ that has this equipment, membership includes all-access use to UNLIMITED cardio boxing, mma, and muay thai classes, all classes taught by Taylor and Erin of Beauty and The Beard Fitness