Shasta “McNasty” McMurry Competes to Win in 2017

Does your coach practice what they preach? Legacy MMA and Fitness coaches do!  They are constantly inspiring us to set goals and push harder.  Shasta “McNasty” McMurry is no different, her goal this year? 10 Jiu Jitsu competitions.  


Shasta has kicked off 2017 by practicing what she preaches, spending hours perfecting her Jiu Jitsu technique.  At 25, McMurry is a well rounded fitness professional.  She has earned a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu, competes in MMA, has several certifications in strength and conditioning and is halfway through her degree in Health and Wellness at ASU.  She knows all to well the dedication it takes to smash your goals.  

Lets support Shasta in her first Jiu Jitsu competition this year, Saturday February 4th at Westworld in Scottsdale, Az.  

High five this badass babe!  She is inspiring us to set those goals and reach for the stars! 

Purchase tickets here:

Select the event “Fight to Win PRO 25-scottsdale”

Select the fighter “Shasta McMurry”

pick your seat and click purchase…BOOM!




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  • Cameo Gutierrez

    She is absolutely amazing! She continues to make us proud and is so awesome! I hope she can hear the cheers for her all the way from NEW MEXICO! From One of her biggest fans~ Cameo Gutierrez

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